Tipos de Localizaciones en Barcelona

Types Locations in Barcelona

There are different types of locations in Barcelona, ​​each one appropriate to the type of event you want to perform. In this selection we have summarized in four types of spaces. The loft is very fashionable and is characterized by the absence of division of spaces. Also say that this type gives its name to the web, since most of the spaces you will find here are lofts, because of their design and spaciousness, they offer great comfort to work on them. Rural house, are places located in the countryside, on the outskirts of the city, with a special charm and air. Apartment or house, urban spaces with several rooms but highly and fully prepared for advertising work. Industrial, workshops or warehouses, premises of old factories, adapted to be the setting for any event. In summary, here you will find all kinds of spaces that will adapt to your needs.